I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and
educated as an anthropologist and architect and
often used photography as a tool in my
design practice.
I now live in British Columbia with diverse natural
landscapes and intriguing urban settings.
Many images come from my immediate surroundings
but I travel a few times a year to experience other
cultures and environments.
I am a dedicated black & white + monochrome
photographer. Lately, however, I have become interested
in exploring images where colour plays a subtle and
contributory role in the b&w image.
In 2004 I changed from film to digital capture.
Today I use Fuji X-System cameras & lenses, Lightroom
software, an Epson SureColor P600 printer and
various archival Canson, Epson, Moab and Hahnemule papers.
I occasionally scan film images using an Epson V850 Pro scanner.
My processing and image manipulation ethic is such
that I use the digital equivalents of the wet darkroom
– dodging & burning primarily but also (split) toning,
spot removal, contrast manipulation, reducers, etc.
Consequently, my images reflect the reality of the
originally captured scene.